Quick & Simple Indian Vegetable Pulao Recipe

Vegetable Pulao

Vegetable Pulao – mildly spiced vegetables combined with cooked rice and coriander. This recipe needs just few vegetables, basic spices, cooked rice and 10 minutes of your time. This simple vegetable rice makes a perfect meal on lazy days or on midweek. This is a great way to use up leftover rice.


Cooking time may vary based on the type of burner you use and your cooking experience.

While cooking vegetables ensure to stir regularly to avoid vegetables sticking at the bottom of the pan. If vegetables tend to stick at bottom just add a splash of water and mix well.

The measurements used in this recipe are 1 cup = 250ml and 1 tbsp = 15ml. Adjust spices to suit your taste preference.

You may add any vegetables of your choice such as potatoes, mixed peppers, cabbage. Hard vegetables such as cauliflower, parsnip can be used but ensure to use parboiled so that these vegetables are well-cooked along with other veggies.

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