Kathiyawadi Cuisine: Everything You Need To Know

Vatana Bateta

Kathiyawadi cuisine – a spicy and fiery cuisine that hails from an Indian western state Gujarat. Kathyiawad is comprised of Saurashtra region with major cities such as Porbandar, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and Junagadh. It is one of the oldest cuisines of India that is gaining popularity for a wholesome, fresh meal made with simple ingredients that are readily available.

The vibrant and rich Gujarati cuisine in general consists of 4 regional cuisines- Kathiyawadi, Kutchi, Surti and Amdavadi. Each of these regions has a distinctive flavours associated with its local food that brings their own uniqueness to the Gujarati cuisine.  Each dish has a blend of flavours – sweet, sour, spicy. Despite having a coastline with abundance seafood availability, Gujarat is primarily a vegetarian state due to the high influence of Jain and Hindu traditions.

Origin of Kathiyawadi Cuisine:

This cuisine has originated in Kathiyawad region of coastal Gujarat that comes under Saurashtra.  Many areas in Kathiyawad have dry and harsh weather which results in low vegetation zone. Hence most varieties of dishes are made with potato, millets, tomatoes, brinjal. Farsan (a collection of snacks) is a predominant food of this cuisine that has become a part of Gujarati tradition. This cuisine is well known for its incredibly spicy food made with simple ingredients.

The authentic Kathiyawadi thali is a spectacular treat with wide varieties of starters, main course, side dishes, and desserts. Although most of the Gujarat regional food has a hint of sweetness, Kathiyawadi food is distinctive with the considerable lack of sweetness and characteristic use of spices with generous use of onion, garlic and green chillies resulting in a fiery dish.

Popular Kathiyawadi Delicacies:

Ringan no Oro: A spicy, hot and tangy dish made with aubergine. Chargrilled aubergines mashed and cooked with fresh tomatoes and spices.

Bateta nu Shaak: In Gujarati, it is literally translated as Potato Curry. This is a saucy dish that pairs well with fulka roti (the paper thin chapati).

Lasaniya Bateta: Lasaniya means garlic and Bateta means potato. This is a spicy hot garlic flavoured potatoes cooked with onion, tomato and spices.

Vagharelo Rotlo: Shredded flatbread cooked with buttermilk and seasoned with spices. This is a great way to turn leftover flatbread to a delicious and wholesome new dish.

Undiyu: One-pot mixed vegetable casserole cooked in a clay pot. A pot filled with vegetables, spices is buried underground in a large furnace covered by a pile of dried leaves and are set alight to cook. Traditionally this dish is cooked upside down and the name comes from the Gujarati term “Undhu” which means upside down.

Vaghareli Khichdi: The most aromatic and comfort dish from Kathiyawadi cuisine. “Vaghareli” translates to seasoning where rice and lentils are cooked and seasoned with spices and vegetables

Bajra no Rotlo: A plain flatbread made with pearl millet flour. This healthy and nutritious millet bread makes a good option for lunch and dinner.

Kaju Karela: Crunchy and delicious bitter gourd stir-fry. Bitter gourd slices are tossed with jaggery, poppy seeds, cashews and spices.

Bateta Vada: A popular potato fritters served as a tea-time snack or an appetiser. A mashed potato balls battered with gram flour and deep fried until crisp.

Guvar Dhokli nu Shaak: A main course dish made with flour dumplings and cluster beans.

Methi Thepla: A simple and versatile flatbread made with wheat flour and fenugreek leaves. This soft flatbread makes a perfect breakfast, evening snack or for dinner.

Adadiya Pak: A traditional Kathiyawadi dessert prepared with ingredients that helps to keep body warm on cold winter days.

Puran Pori: A jaggery-lentil stuffed flatbread that makes a perfect after meal dish.

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