Gujarati Mains (GF)

Ringan Tameta (V)

Aubergine and tomatoes cooked in Gujarati spices

Kaju Karela (V) (N)

Crunchy fried bitter gourd tossed with jaggery, poppy seeds, cashew nuts and special spices

Vatana Bateta (V)

Combination of potatoes and green peas cooked with curry leaves, ginger, green chilli, lemon juice and coriander gives distinct flavour to this dish

Ringan no Oro (V)

Char grilled aubergines mashed and cooked with fresh tomatoes, spring onions and spices

Lasaniya Bateta (Hot) (V)

Garlic flavoured potatoes sauteed in onions, tomatoes and spices

Kela nu Shaak (mild) (V)

Ripe bananas sautΓ©ed with turmeric, asafoetida, curry leaves, lemon juice and various spices. Sweet and tangy combination makes it a delectable dish to go along with fulka rotli