Join in: World Vegetarian Day

Established to raise awareness of the nutritional and ethical aspects of a vegetarian diet, World Vegetarian day takes place on the first of October each year and is a great way to kick-off Vegetarian Awareness Month! Make a difference and help others learn about the benefits of vegetarianism.

Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can celebrate World Vegetarian Day. It embraces all things healthy, wholesome, and tasty. Why not bring your friends and family along to Sanskruti for a taste of vegetarian food, show them it can just as tasty!

Activities you can do alone or with a group!

  • Bring in vegetarian food to share with co-workers at you place of employment.Β  For more ideas of things you can do in the workplace click here.
  • Invite friends and family home for a celebration meal
  • Encourage restaurants, co-ops, and health food stores to support and publicize their vegetarian options, including in their promotional flyers
  • Host a potluck, picnic, or meal at a restaurant
  • Deliver a vegetarian lunch to local officials (with media coverage, if possible) or to local radio talk show hosts
  • Serve a meatless meal at area homeless shelters