Sanskruti’s 9 fascinating facts about curry

We love making and eating delicious vegan and vegetarian curries here at Sanskruti, and we know that you really enjoy them too! We love curry so much that we’ve decided to pull together some fascinating facts about everyone’s favourite spicy dish.

How many did you know?

1) Research by the beer company Kingfisher found that Britain’s favourite curry is a korma – which just beat tikka masala to be crowned the nation’s most popular curry

2) The British spend a staggering £30,000 each on curry during their lifetime, according to research by Sainsbury’s. In total it’s thought that the British spend a whopping £3.5 billion on curry every year.  

3) It’s estimated there are 10,000 curry houses in Britain – accounting for two thirds of our takeaway restaurants!

4) It’s thought that humans have been cooking up curries for a very long time – as long as 4000 years, in fact.

5) Whilst humans have been cooking curry for thousands of years, it wasn’t until 1747 that a curry recipe appeared in an English cookbook. The recipe was included in Hannah Glasse’s ‘The Art of Cookery made Plain and Simple’ and included spices such as turmeric and ginger.

6) The first curry house in Britain was called Hindoostance Coffee House, which opened in London in 1810. Londoners are now such big fans of curry it’s estimated there are more curry houses in the English capital than there are in Mumbai, India.

7) Curries can be very healthy and some spices could even have medicinal properties. It’s believed that the yellow spice Turmeric, as well as adding flavour and colour to curries, may also have anti-cancer properties.

8) The biggest ever curry was made in Singapore in 2015 and staggeringly weighed more than 15 tonnes. To mop up that much curry you’d probably need to use the longest ever naan – which was created in Canada in 2016 and measured over 16ft long!

9) Like it hot? So do Glaswegians, with research showing that curry fans in Scotland’s largest city most enjoy the spiciest dishes. 

After reading those tasty facts, we expect you’re in the mood for curry! Here at Sanskruti we use only the freshest of ingredients, offering a vegan and vegetarian menu that traverses the Indian sub-continent. With restaurants in Liverpool and Manchester, we pride ourselves on our delicious food and first class service. Why not book a table at Sanskruti, or order a takeaway, today?