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Have you ever been to India before? Have you ever tried rich Indian cuisine or the world’s best street food? Let’s plan a culinary tour of the Indian kitchen where secrets shall be revealed and new lands discovered. We travel far and wide across India to bring you closer to real tastes, spices and cooking styles that have inspired us, and will hopefully inspire you.

On every street corner in cities or villages, you will find an array of unique food stalls filling the air with wonderful aromas. These unassuming treasures of Indian cuisine are where locals meet to chat and share specialities, creating an endless diversity of dishes.

Our culinary tour begins in Delhi – a city made famous for its vibrant traditional markets and colourful streets. The Old Delhi (also known as purani Delhi) food tour takes us away from the tourist traps and into the less explored corners of the city including Chawri Bazar, Spice Bazar and Chandni Chowk. These streets haven’t changed much in the past two centuries and neither has the quality of food on offer. Each food stand is unique and specialises in its own dishes – locals alternate between stalls, trying a multitude of small plates of street food.

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7 famous dishes you must try in Delhi or at Sanskruti Restaurant in Manchester or Liverpool :-

  1. Paratha & stuffed paratha – if you visit Delhi you must try paratha (leavened bread), these breads come in lots of varieties and can also be stuffed with potato, mint, paneer, spinach etc.  
  2. Tandoori Paneer Tikka – Try the hot and fresh paneer tikka straight from tandoor oven on the road side served with coriander and mint chutneys.
  3. Dal Makhani – black Lentils made from whole urid beans. The best taste of dal makhani is when it is simmered on low heat for hours and hours.
  4. Sweet Lassi – It’s a sweet yoghurt drink famous and readily available on every street
  5. Chaat – your trip to Delhi or Sanskruti is not complete without eating a chaat dish from the street food section, lots of variety of chaats are available from bhel puri to samosa chaat
  6. Punjabi Samosa – not only in Delhi but a particular style of samosas are available in the north India area known as Punjabi Samosa served with dates and tamarind chutney
  7. Gajjar Halwa – we must finish on a sweet note, it’s a famous dessert made of grated carrots, cashew nuts, pistachios and almonds. We at Sanskruti make a Vegan version that will surely take you back to Purani Delhi.

After enjoying the wonders of Delhi street food, we travel to Mumbai (previously Bombay). Famed as the financial and entertainment city of India, Mumbai is a city well known for scrumptious street food. It’s a city where different cultures have lived and shared their passion for food to bring quality dishes to the streets.

7 famous dishes you must try in Mumbai or at Sanskruti Restaurant in Manchester or Liverpool

  1. Vada Pav – Ask any Indian what is vada pav? And you are sure to get a counter question ‘what, you don’t know what vada pav is? Have you not tried it yet? Well don’t worry you don’t have to travel all the way to Mumbai for it, Sanskruti gets you the same taste. It’s an Indian burger with spicy dry chutney served with raw onions and green chillies as a tradition.
  2. Pav Bhaji – Another iconic Mumbai street food is Pav (bun) Bhaji (blend of fresh vegetables & spices)
  3. Ragda Patis – is partly Mumbai partly Guajarati street food culture. Must try Ragda Patis when you are in Mumbai or Sanskruti. Ragda means marrowfat peas cooked in special spices and Patis is a cutlet/patty made of potato simmered in ragda.  Although, there are different versions now like Ragda Samosa or Radga Pav. Either way the magic is in the marrowfat peas gravy.
  4. Pani Puri – It’s hard to classify Pani puri under one city. Pani Puri can be classed as India’s no.1 street food loved by the whole country. There’s Pani puri in Gujarat, Maharashtra and west, Golgappa in Delhi and north India and Phuchka in Kolkata & east India. We punch a tiny hole in the puri fill it with potato and chickpea stuffing and is served with chilled mint & chilli water and dates and tamarind chutney to fill up the puri according to your taste. You must pop the whole puri in your mouth and wait for the flavour explosion.
  5. Kachhi Dabeli – Kachh is a region in Gujarat state where the Dabeli has originated. Famous in both Gujarat and Maharashtra it’s another kind of an Indian Burger. A spicy potato mixture filled in a bun with chutneys, crispy sec and pomegranate seeds. Fresh, spicy and tangy hot of the tawa you must try Dabeli.
  6. Misal Pav – A spicy moth bean curry served with bun and is mainly a street side breakfast dish very popular in the whole of Maharashtra state. There is Usal Pav which is the toned-down version of Misal pav which is very spicy. You will find both of these as an all-day breakfast on the street side.
  7. Falooda – A dessert is must in the top 7’s. Falooda is a popular dessert made of milk, rose syrup, vermicelli and the very healthy chia seeds. Usually served in a tall glass, these days with ice-cream on top. Its origin goes back to the 16th century. Why not try the oldest milk shake ever while in Mumbai?

We now head to the south India and look at the street food here. South of India is very original in the cultural heritage till date. Most of South India remains unaffected from the many invasions in India thus preserving the cultural heritage including the cooking methods, the knowledge and importance of each spices and of course the Ayurveda.

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7 famous dishes you must try in Southern India or at Sanskruti Restaurant in Manchester or Liverpool

  1. Masala Dosa – First thing that every comes to mind when talking about food and south India is ‘Masala Dosa’. A national favourite (almost internationally famous now). A simple rice and lentil crepe filled with potato and onion masala served with sambhar- a lentil-based vegetable stew and coconut chutney. Available through out the country but it tastes amazing when you eat in south India with fresh spices and fresh coconut all grown locally. Some of the south Indian food amazes us, this old recipe (first mentioned around 920 AD) of Dosa is made of 3-part carb (rice) and 1-part protein (lentils) exactly as science wants us to eat today.
  2. Idli – Rice dumplings as we may call it. These white, fluffy and soft, gently steamed dumplings are perfect for breakfast or any time of the day. Traditionally served on the coconut leaves (might be invented by environmental activist of those days). Light and easy to digest and virtually any oil. The steaming method of cooking means its retains all the good things in it.
  3. Medu Vada – South Indian fritter in a doughnut shape. The outer part is crispy as its deep fried and inside its soft. It is available on every street corner of south India as a popular breakfast for snack.
  4. Uttapam – Pizza like pan cake made of (you guessed it right) rice and lentils. Create your on topping on it, traditionally it is onions, tomato, coriander with black pepper and salt. If you are in a bigger city you might be able to get the dosa batter, idli batter and uttapam batter ready made in Indian grocery store, so buy it and try making your own uttapam with adventurous toppings.
  5. Kothu Parotta – Kothu means chopped and parotta is flaky multi layered bread. When on street the vendors chop the parotta bread and mix vegetables and makes a nice stir fry.
  6. Appam – it is a type of pancake famous in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the whole of south India and Sri Lanka. Variations of Appam are Palappam, Kallappam, Idiyappam, Achappam, Kuzhalappam, neyyappam, Pesaha appam, Vattayappam and Kandarappam. When on an ayurvedic tour or historic tour of southern India do try one of them appams and let us know which one you like.
  7. Payasam – Fine vermicelli roasted & cooked in milk with cardamom, pistachios, cashew nuts and sultanas. It is a well-known dessert and a must have in weddings as a tradition. Delicious, light and best served cold. Enjoy one at a south Indian home.

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At Sanskruti, we take great inspiration from these places and their culinary customs. Our street food dishes are the best and tastiest way to enjoy what India has to offer. Inspired by the street food revolution in Delhi, Mumbai and southern India, our vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Manchester and Liverpool share the same passion for traditional yet innovative cuisine. We aim to bring you closer to those bustling street corners and inspire you to take your own culinary tour by choosing our street food menu at one of our restaurants.

Our vegetarian restaurants love mixing fresh and healthy ingredients that you are bound to love. The street food menu is perfect for all occasions, whether you are passing by for lunch, staying for an evening meal or just fancy an exciting change in cuisine, Sanskruti welcomes all.

Its time to start your Indian street food revolution.